Wide Awake 

Falling asleep gets harder each night
Because my days feel unfulfilled

I sleep with half the things I want to say left unsaid
Half the things I want to live left in my pocket

So you understand why sleeping is hard.
I feel I don’t deserve it. I am unqualified for it.
I squandered my time wishing I had the strength to do all the things I live out in my sleep.

But eventually I drift. It is the only way to turn everything off.

I can’t feel the guilt.
I can’t feel the lack of fulfilment in my sleep.

Catch 22


Difficult does not mean Impossible

It is easy to lose heart when the road becomes tough
And your plans seem to be falling apart
But there is beauty in holding on
Even when holding on seems futile, idiotic, naive.
There is beauty in finding the strength to keep going
When everything seems to be saying, ‘give up’.
You have already passed the first hurdle by doing so.
Surely, you can pass the next.